March 2018 Class Schedule

March 2018 Class Schedule

March 2018 Class Descriptions

Spring is Almost Here!  And with it, we have several new projects!

This month we introduce 2 new quilts, Dreamweaver, and the Sashed Half Hexie!  Dreamweaver is a beautiful block set quilt that employs the easy use of a jelly roll, and subtly weaves over & under, in & out.  Half Hexie uses a layer cake & a fun ruler to make a stained glass effect.

Jewel Box is a really fun way to incorporate lots of color, the design makes it really sparkle!

The Breezy Table Runner is a new take on block building; sew one up, cut it up, resew, and get something totally different!  This is a kit class, so top, back, and binding are included!

Crockpot Placemats are a great way to brighten up your spring table, they go together so quick, you'll want extras!  If all this sounds like fun, and you don't know where to start, try Quilting 101 to begin your quilting adventure!  This is a good place for beginners, and anyone looking for a fast table topper!

And Tuffets are back!  These beautiful footstools are amazing!  While there is a lot of sewing, and homework, the method the pattern uses takes away a lot of the stress you might think would be involved!
  • Quilting 101 - $15 plus pattern and materials.
  • Sashed Half Hexi - $15 plus pattern and materials.
  • Dreamweaver - $15 plus pattern and materials
  • Jewel Box - $15 plus pattern and materials
  • Breezy Table Runner - $40 includes pattern and materials.
  • Crockpot Placemats - $10 plus pattern and materials
  • Tuffets - $200 includes pattern and finishing kit, does not include fabric.
  • Open Sew - always FREE!  Every Tuesday 9:30-5:30

The Velvet Tomato Quilting Shop!

New to Heart & Home is the quilting shop  "The Velvet Tomato" with 500 plus bolts of fabric and counting!  There's a great display of Gutterman thread, patterns and notions for your next quilting project.

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